Top 10 Cheapest Universities in Ukraine For International Students in 2019

Aug 5, 2019

Who said higher expenditure in tertiary institutions equals quality education? Well, be prepared to be wowed.

For the longest time, we’ve all been guilty of associating quality with high expenditure. Although there is merit to this notion, it does not hold for every situation. A practical example is an education in Ukraine. It’s the core desire of every high school graduate aspiring for greatness to gain admission into a university. Unfortunately, the universities that promise high-quality education have become extremely expensive for the poor and middle class to afford. So, is quality education exclusive to the rich? It can’t be. Luckily, for the sake of future generations, there is an alternative viable option in Ukraine. Although it’s a newly independent country, it is not lacking behind in implementing technologically exclusive styles of teaching that promise to bring out the best in students. So why should your dreams be shattered when you can have quality education at half the price?


Why I Should Study in Ukraine

If you are a goal-oriented and passionate person ready to do the hard work to succeed in life, then Ukraine universities welcome you with open arms. But that's not even the best. What makes studying in Ukraine unique is the:

  • Stress-free admission process
  • Diplomas are recognized globally.
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • A friendly and safe society
  • Learn an additional foreign language (Russian and or Ukrainian)


Stress-free Admission Process

If you’ve ever applied for an overseas admission, you can testify to the hardcore nature of the admission process. On top of that, you run at the risk of not getting admitted to the university of your choice.  It’s a good thing the calvary is here because there is nothing like entrance exams in the Ukraine admission process. Critics will say that the absence of entrance exams invokes a negative connotation. Well, they couldn’t be farther from the truth. Because the schools in Ukraine simply prefer to emphasize your high school grades.

Best medical university in Ukraine

universities in Ukraine with low tuition fees

Diplomas are Recognised Globally

Will I be able to work anywhere in the world after graduating from Ukraine? You’re damn right! Almost every school in Ukraine, private or otherwise, has some form of partnership with schools in countries like Great Britain, Germany, South Korea, Spain, just to mention a few. Also, Ukraine’s ministry of education places a high priority on quality education as such, no school has been issued an accreditation without meeting the standard infrastructural requirements. There is no exception to this rule. 

Affordable Tuition fees

Getting quality education at an affordable cost is the hallmark of education in Ukraine. In other words, you can finally stop worrying about how you’re going to cater to your student loans upon completion of your education. Regardless of your social status, Ukraine universities are giving you a chance to make your dreams come through. So don’t pass it up. 

A Friendly And Safe Society

Aside from the above-stated benefits,  Ukraine is a peaceful country. You get to meet and interact with new people and experience the rich culture of the Ukrainian people. And if there is one thing you should try, that will be the delicious delicacies of the Ukrainian people. Without running at the risk of sounding overzealous, you should take a bite of either their borscht, cabbage rolls, dumplings or fermented cabbage if you chance to come to Ukraine.

Learn an Additional Foreign Language

These days, speaking languages other than your native automatically makes an asset of high importance. So you don’t just get quality education but you get to learn Russian and or Ukrainian language from the natives. Wouldn’t that be awesome? To be able to speak Russian.

What Options Do I Have?

Here are our top 10 cheapest universities in Ukraine for international students that offer nothing short of top-notch education.

  1. Kyiv National Medical University
  2. Vinnitsya National Medical University
  3. Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
  4. Kyiv National Linguistic University
  5. Ternopil National Economics University
  6. Kharkiv State University of Food, Technology, and Trade
  7. Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev
  8. Bukovinian State Medical University
  9. Ukrainian Catholic University
  10. Kyiv Mohyla Academy

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