Study Pharmacy in Ukraine 2020 Winter Intake

Oct 21, 2019

Are you looking for a great place or school to study pharmacy? A school with quality education and affordable tuition fees, surrounded by welcoming culture? If so, have you considered studying pharmacy in Ukraine? Because there are lots of international students in Ukraine, currently enjoying the quality education that you have always dreamed of. These students were able to achieve this dream without stress and through cheap tuition fees.


Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is a large country located in Eastern Europe. Apart from having a rich history, beautiful architecture and culture, and welcoming people, Ukraine is one of the most educated countries of the world which boasts of over 800 tertiary institutes with standard facilities and low tuitions. That’s not all, here are a few more benefits of studying in Ukraine.

  • Ukrainian universities have a high standard of education, a rich curriculum and a small student to teacher ratio.
  • Entry into Ukraine is easy and you can apply online. Moreover, most universities do not require entrance exams but only need the required high school grades and supporting documents.
  • Tertiary institutes of different types have quality facilities and are accredited by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and other bodies.
  • The two main languages spoken in Ukraine are Ukrainian and Russia but courses are taught in English and French as well so you can freely participate in classes. You also have the added opportunity to learn a new language.
  • Instead of taking a language proficiency test like IELTS and TOELF, an international student has options of attending a preparatory class before the course of study or offer an independent course during the program.
  • Ukrainian universities have relatively high world ranking and great teaching methods, especially in practical training.
  • A majority of the courses offered by Ukrainian universities are globally recognized, even by international organizations like the European Council, WHO, UNESCO, etc.
  • Tuition fees are at least half the usual prices compared to other developed countries like the USA and even some countries in Europe.
  • Also, compared to these countries, the cost of living is cheaper. A student can live comfortable with 200 USD monthly, and this includes feeding and transportation. Of course, this depends on the lifestyle of the student.
  • There are Visa benefits including an opportunity for permanent residence.
  • Ukrainian universities often have visiting professors from all over the world and lots of awards, great alumni and extra-curricular.
  • The standard of education is very high and there is the availability of all basic amenities.
  • There are lots of fun things to do in Ukraine from sightseeing to skiing to paragliding.
  • Ukraine is a safe place to study and has fairly normal weather.


Therefore, with increasing demand for students all over the world to study abroad due to limited seats or poor standard of education, Ukraine provides opportunities to do all these and more. Ukrainian universities are open and available for all international students with no discrimination. The population of students in universities is very diverse. There are students from countries in Africa, Asia, etc.


Study Pharmacy in Ukraine

Pharmacy is a very respectable and relevant field and there is still a need for good pharmacies in lots of countries. Moreover, certified pharmacists have lots of choices and they can pick a career path that suits them.


Therefore, pharmacy is a terrific choice and you can apply to several specialized institutes or general universities. The admission intake for May 2020 will close in November however you can prepare for the next admission process which is for Winter 2020.


Winter Intake 2020

The Winter admission intake will be opened from November 2019 to March 2020. The pharmacy course is a 5-year program that will be awarding the “Bachelor of Pharmacy” degree. Postgraduate courses are also offered with a Master or Doctorate of Pharmacy degree awarded.

As I mentioned earlier, the course will be offered in Ukrainian, Russia, and English while some universities have the added option of the French language. Students will be taught the essentials of biology and medicine. They will be taught the science of creating, administering, and reviewing drugs as well as how to provide clinical assistance.

They will be trained on how to work in different fields, whether it be for medical factories, companies or research facilities. The common departments across all universities include genetics, pharmacology, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biology, etc.

Unlike some other schools with multiple screening processes and lots of requirements and stressful application, the whole application and admission process for Ukrainian universities is simpler.


Ukrainian Universities for Studying Pharmacy

  • Kharkov National Medical University
  • Kyiv National Medical University
  • Lviv National Medical University
  • Vinnitsya National Medical University
  • Ternopil State Medical University
  • National Pharmaceutical University of Ukraine
  • Odessa State Medical University
  • Ivano Frankivsk National University

A detailed summary will be given by the school but here are some things that you should be aware of.



There isn’t any need for language tests like TOELF, IELTS or its equivalent. Neither is there a need for entrance exams or exams like GRE, IJMB, JAMB, NABTEB and SAT.

Only SSCE results or its equivalent are needed to apply for a bachelor’s degree. Of course, accompanied by the necessary documents.

Subjects must include Biology and Chemistry and credits in 3 other courses. Some universities also make physics and mathematics compulsory. Combined results (in two seating’s) are accepted.

For masters or doctorate degrees, you must present certificates of previous studies which should be related to pharmacy.


Tuition fees

For the bachelor’s program, the tuition is within a range of 3,800 USD to 5,000 USD per year. Including standard hostel fees and other first-year charges, you are looking at a price range of 6,000 USD to 7,000 USD for the first year only which will reduce in the successive years.

For the master’s program, the tuition range falls between 4,800 USD to 6,000 USD per year. Including standard hostel fees and other first-year charges, you are looking at a price range of 6,500 USD to 7,000 USD for the first year only which will reduce in the next year.



In case you were wondering, accommodation can fall between $500 to $1500 depending on the standard, size, and number of people in the room.


Application process

You can apply online or through a consulting firm. The standard information required includes:

  • Basic details or you which will include name, marital status, various contact info, language spoken, course of study, passport details, etc.
  • Information on your guardian or sponsor.
  • Application letter.
  • Subjects offered grades and type of exam.
  • Scanned documents (should be of good quality)
  • Passport photographs and international passport.

Please cross-check all the information provided before you submit because the smallest discrepancy or mistake could affect you.

As long as you meet the eligibility criteria which will be stated on the website, you will receive an invitation letter within a few weeks of closing the application portal.

However, you must know that this is not all, you will be required to apply for a student visa which requires you to do some health screening or tests and provides some information as well.

Visa Requirements

After getting your acceptance or invitation letter, you are only a few steps away. Some countries do not require a Visa to travel to Ukraine, so you must check if yours is included.

However, if it is not, you will be required to apply for a long-term student visa. This process will take a few months which is why prospective students must ensure to begin applications early so that they don’t miss the deadline.

Before going to the embassy to apply, you need to do your research. This is to make you prepared and make the whole process faster and stress-free. You can even apply online but the interview will most likely be one-on-one.

Here are the general things that will be needed. Take note that some embassies may not require all these while some may ask for more.

  • Your original and photocopied invitation or acceptance letter into the Ukrainian university.
  • The filled visa application form.
  • Visa fee payment receipt.
  • Original school certificate legalized by the Ministry of Education.
  • Original and recent medical certificate (not later than a month) approved by your country’s ministry of health.
  • Birth certificate (original)
  • International Passport (valid for at least a year and a lot less than 10 years after arrival in Ukraine).
  • Recent passport photographs, 3 by 4 cm in size (check required number and have extra just in case.)
  • Other medical forms like HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis screening results, also approved by the ministry of health and within one month.
  • Sponsorship letter containing his or her name, signature, contact details, and the name of the person who is being sponsored. It should be in the form of a court affidavit.
  • Sponsor’s valid ID
  • Bank statement, from either you or your sponsor, to prove that you have more than enough to take care of all academic and living costs. The minimum amount differs so you need to do your research and start saving up early. Also, keep the amount steady for at least three months before applying for the Visa.
  • Travel or health insurance.
  • Flight reservation
  • Visa interview.

Please hold some photocopies of the documents just in case. Also, note that you might need to translate some or all documents, this can be done at the embassy for $50 – $90 depending on your country.

Student Visa application takes at least a month to be processed but different visa packages will help speed up this process for a price. Using a consulting agency also helps.

These are some questions that you may be asked during your visa interview apart from the general identification.

  • Why do you need a visa?
  • Where and what are you going to study?
  • How long will your study last?
  • Do you have all the necessary documents?
  • Can you afford to live and study in Ukraine?
  • Do you have a sponsor?
  • During your study, do you plan to work as well?
  • How long do you plan to stay after graduation?

After gaining the visa, you’re to send scan copies of the required documents and keep the school updated, letting them know your flight details. Here are a few tips to get you from collecting your visa to finishing your school registration.

Tips for Admission and Registration Process

  • Follow all application instructions on the website.
  • Ensure to send quality scans that show every seal and letter.
  • All necessary documents should be sent very early and with translations if required.
  • Prepare the documents (listed above) well beforehand.
  • Double-check all documents down to the last detail. Pay attention to names and figures. The smallest mistake could cause problems in the future.
  • Apply to more than one university and do thorough research on each university and its location especially about the cost of some necessary supplies, to be well prepared – financially and otherwise.
  • Select universities based on course ranking and not on general rankings.
  • Keep your original documents safe and have photocopies.
  • Apart from tuition fees, know the amount needed for other services like registration, pick-up and medical fees. Have more than enough.
  • Always inform the school of your travel details to avoid being deported.
  • Understand the exchange rates of your currency against and the Ukrainian currency (hryvnia).
  • When traveling, hold enough cash in Ukrainian currency
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you get there as well.
  • Check the documents again.

If all these processes are looking confusing or you need further information, you should contact   and let us be your study in Ukraine consultant. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Demerald Study.

  1. We have the expert knowledge of the whole admission process from years of experience which has helped thousands of people successfully gain admission into Ukrainian universities.
  2. We provide a range of services that includes easier enrollment, preparing students for visa interviews, airport pickups and so on.
  3. We are partnered with several Ukrainian universities and can help you find the ones that suit you best.
  4. We can guarantee 100% invitation letters to candidates who have the necessary credentials.
  5. We keep you updated on news concerning your university of choice.

In conclusion, there are advantages of studying pharmacy in Ukraine no matter where you are from.

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