Oct 14, 2019

Is it worth studying MBBS in Ukraine?

Is it your dream to study MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) in a renowned university? Wouldn’t it be great if the tuition fees are affordable? Or greater still for it to in a be in a beautiful country? If your answer is yes, you should consider studying MBBS in Ukraine.

Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe located in the Eastern part of the continent. They share their borders with seven countries and are filled with warm and friendly people. They also have the most beautiful places and culture.

Apart from having a beautiful culture and hospitable people, Ukraine is among the top most literate countries of the world and their Universities are known to be cheap while still having a high standard of education, even when compared to other European universities.

When I said “cheap tuition” earlier, I meant that Ukrainian universities cost at least half of what it costs to study in America or England for example. Do you know what’s better? They have high standard and low cost of living.

Ukraine is a place that can support every one of your dreams. Is it to explore? They’ve got a wide range of activities from mountain hikes to paragliding. Is it to study? They’ve got a number of specialized universities. Is it to meet people? Well, look no further because they’ve got beautiful people from all over the world.

Apart from these, here are a few benefits you will get by studying in Ukraine (with tips).

  1. For non-natives, studying in Ukraine is a chance to explore another part of the world even another teaching style and technique.
  2. Leaving your comfort zone gives you opportunity to be independent and self confident, something some employers look for.
  3. You will have the opportunity to learn another language. Ukrainian is the second most melodic and third most beautiful language in the world.
  4. Living in Ukraine is very good with better cost of living and a high standard of living. This includes accommodation, feeding and transportation within and outside the country (bordering countries).
  5. You can work during your studies to get more money and financial independence just like any native after collecting the proper documents.
  6. It is still safe to study in Ukraine and the schools place high priority on international students safety.
  7. The weather is fairly normal in Ukraine and the atmosphere kind.
  8. There are various Visa benefits including travelling discounts and giving full Visa to deserving students.

Do you still have doubts? Then let’s move on to the main event.

MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine provides one of the best medical education in the world and has various world class national and state owned medical universities that offer MBBS, DO, MD, and other degrees in medicine. Some of the most popular medical fields includes: general medicine, dentistry, pediatrics, surgery, and pharmacy.

The standard mode of teaching is English so international students need not worry, some universities also teach in Ukrainian, Russian and even French as well. Moreover, the students teacher ratio is 10:1 so students can easily participate in classes and are assured of quality attention by teachers.

The duration for MBBS programs are the standard 5.8 years or approximately 6 years. Also, the application and admission process into Ukrainian Medical Universities is simple and clear. You don’t have to worry about language tests like TOEFL and IELTS, or even entrance tests. All you need are good grades and the basic documents.

The universities are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Ukraine and international organisations which includes WHO, UNESCO, MCI, and FAIMER. Therefore, the students who complete their MBBS studies can apply for a job any where.

Here are some of the best medical universities to study MBBS in Ukraine and their national university ranking (which isn’t specific to medical universities)

1          Sumy State University (4)

2          Ternopil State Medical University (15)

3          O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University (50)

4          Vinnitsa National Medical University (71)

5          Poltava State Pedagogical University (75)

6          Kharkiv National Medical University (88)

7          Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University (97)

8          Black Sea National University (103)

9          Odessa National Medical University (116)


MBBS Fees Structure

Different universities have different fees based on different factors however they do not compromise on the value that they offer. As it normally is worldwide, most of the fees for the first year are slightly higher than that of the successive years. This is because of some added services that will only be done for newly admitted students.

Most tuition fees are ranged between 4000 – 7000 USD for the first year and 3000 – 5000 USD from the second year, this does not include additional fees. Additional fees include medical fee, pick up fees and hostel accommodation fees, mess fees, courier fees, and so on and so forth. Most of these are paid only in the first year in most of the Ukrainian universities. This of course excludes hostel accommodation fees.

In Ukraine, most nations medical universities tend to have more fundings than state universities and therefore more facilities. This is why most universities which will be listed are national universities. National universities are also known for their lower tuition rates in Ukraine and they all have high levels of accreditation (IV).

To have a better idea of tuition fees in order to plan ahead, here are the prices of 9 top Ukrainian medical universities in 2019 with the best facilities and educational value. Included are the average cost of hostel as well as the medical and pick up fees with the fee of the first year.

Overall expenses that students will spend for the six years are also included. This only covers school expenses and doesn’t cover other aspects like feeding and transportation.


  1. Sumy State University

Sumy State University is state owned university that offers a range of courses but specialises in medicine. They are ranked at number four in the country and offers MBBS courses from dentistry to general medicine. Remember what I said about state and national universities, well Sumy State University can hold their own and still have great facilities.

Below is the price range across various fields.

First Year

Tuition: 5000 – 6000 USD

Additionally Fees: 1500 – 2000 USD

Total: 6500 – 8000 USD

Second to sixth year: 5,000 – 7000 USD yearly (including average hostel fees)

Overhead Expenses: 33,000 – 44,000 USD


  1. Ternopil State Medical University

Ternopil State is ranked as the number 15 among all the universities in Ukraine and is also state owned. Unlike Sumy State University, this university is specifically for MBBS field of study offering bachelor and masters degrees amongst others.

Price Range:

First Year

Tuition: 4000 – 5000 USD

Additionally Fees: 1500 – 2000 USD

Total: 5500 – 7000 USD

Second to sixth year: 5000 – 6500  USD yearly (including hostel)

Overhead expenses: 30,000 – 41,000 USD


  1. O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University

This is arguably one of the top 5 medical universities in Ukraine with government-provided and world class facilities. It is also well recognised as a high-tech university.

Price Range:

First Year

Tuition: 4000 – 6000 USD

Additionally Fees: 1500 – 1800 USD

Total: 5500 – 7800 USD

Second to sixth year: 4500 – 6500 USD yearly (including hostel)

Overhead expenses: 30,000 – 42-000 USD


  1. Vinnitsa National Medical University

This is also one of the renowned universities in Ukraine which also boasts of great medical facilities and a wide range of medical courses.

Price Range:

First Year

Tuition: 4000 – 5000 USD

Additionally Fees: 1500 – 2000 USD

Total: 5500 – 7000 USD

Second to sixth year: 4200 – 6000 USD yearly (including hostel)

Overhead expenses: 28,000 – 37,000 USD


  1. Poltava National Medical University

Poltava National Medical University, like the rest of the universities listed has a great range of medical facilities as well as libraries, research centres and even sports facilities.

Price Range:

First Year

Tuition: 5000 – 6000 USD

Additionally Fees: 1000 – 1500 USD

Total: 6000 – 7500 USD

Second to sixth year: 5000 – 5500 USD yearly (including hostel)

Overhead expenses: 31,000 – 36,000 USD


  1. Kharkiv National Medical University

Ranked number in the country, this university has departments and faculties as well as different programs as well.

Price Range:

First Year

Tuition: 5000 – 6000 USD

Additionally Fees: 1000 – 1500 USD

Total: 6000 – 7500 USD

Second to sixth year: 5500 – 6000 USD yearly (including hostel)

Overhead expenses: 34,000 – 38,000 USD


  1. Ivano Frankivsk Medical University

This prestigious university often has guest lecturers from other countries to share their knowledge with their students. Their fees structure are:

First Year

Tuition: 4000 – 6000 USD

Additionally Fees: 1000 – 1500 USD

Total: 5000 – 7500 USD

Second to sixth year: 5000 – 6000 USD yearly (including hostel)

Overhead expenses: 30,000 – 38,000 USD


  1. Black Sea National University

Unlike most of the universities listed, this university is located in Southern Ukraine and close to the Black Sea.

The following are the fees structure for Black Sea University.

First Year

Tuition: 5000 – 6000 USD

Additionally Fees: 1000 – 1800 USD

Total: 6000 – 7800 USD

Second to sixth year: 6000 – 7000 USD yearly (including hostel)

Overhead expenses: 36,000 – 43,000 USD


  1. Odessa National Medical University

Like the others, this non-profit university enrolls a large number of medical students, including international students and provides courses in different languages.

Price Range:

First Year

Tuition: 5300 – 6500 USD

Additionally Fees: 1200 – 1500 USD

Total: 6500 – 9000 USD

Second to sixth year: 5700 – 8200 USD yearly (including hostel)

Overhead expenses: 36,000 – 50,000 USD


 BONUS 1: Picking the right school

You must have noticed by now that almost all these universities have similar value to offer which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, how will you choose which one is best for you? My advise is, look for the angle that suites you best. This may be choosing the highest ranking university or the one with the least amount of tuition, or the one that is most renowned in that particular course you want to offer.

You may also decide based on your interests, i.e., picking the one with the highest number of fellow citizens or even the geographical area i.e., countryside vs city vs sea side.

Pick the little things that you know will help you in one way or another.

BONUS 2: More helpful tips

Here are some more tips to get you through from application process to your first semester.

  1. Pick at least three schools to apply to.
  2. Read and fully comprehend the admission requirements and process. You might also want to consider applying through an agency that will give you the best advice from experience.
  3. Gather and cross check all required documents. Ensure that things are accurate and not misspelled.
  4. Start all applications early and send all necessary documents (International Passport, passport photo, medical screening etc) months before deadline.
  5. Keep track of your documents to ensure that they were all delivered.
  6. Do some detailed research about the school and the areas around the school like grocery places and other things that might interest you. Some partly OCD people like me could even do research on the local politics.
  7. Cross check every detail before you press send.
  8. Know the money and exchange rates. Don’t fall victim. Keep a well planned budget built on thorough research. If this is too stressful, ask questions on forums.
  9. Make lots copies of all the documents that you will need and that you will given.
  10. Be well prepared for the visa interview but don’t be overly stressed, just understand the reasons why you want to travel and the values you can also provide.
  11. Be sure to ask questions about the do’s and don’ts as some schools forbid some activities.
  12. Always inform the school of your travel details to avoid being deported.
  13. Make friends with the person who comes to pick you up.
  14. Attend orientation, at least the first day.
  15. Create a pattern on the times you want to call home (note time differences).
  16. First class, observe closely and make mental (or actual) notes on people.
  17. Socialise wisely and don’t limit yourself to people from the same countries.
  18. Find out about school programs or platforms that you can use to build yourself and/or others, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  19. Don’t be a dorm worm. Have some legitimate fun, explore the area (better as a group).
  20. Don’t lose your phone (have backup for your contacts) or your focus.
  21. If you don’t want to go home for the break, find ways earn money or build your skill.
  22. Don’t forget to be awesome.

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