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First of all, some prospective students who want to study in Ukraine from Nigeria have asked if they need a visa to study in Ukraine and the answer is yes, as a Nigerian, you need a long-term student visa to study in Ukraine. To do this, you need to apply for a Ukrainian visa through the Ukrainian embassy.

Without the proper guideline or guidance, the visa application period could be stressful and tasking on students. Students who want to study in Ukraine but need to apply for a visa have often said that it is the stage that they found the most stressful because of all the requirements. But the good news is that once you know and have the requirements, do the required tests, have the necessary documents and have an understanding of the interview question, then you will find this stage less stressful.

This is the reason why we wrote this article, to serve as a guide and answer any questions you will have. Of course, you will need to do a few more research, but we hope that you find this to be a helpful guide or gain foundational knowledge that will help you with your visa applications in Nigeria.

Before we go on with the steps of visa application, you should know that there are some things that you need to understand about visa, especially about the types of visa and terms like visa validity, transit visa, etc.

There are different types and categories of visa including transit visa, short-term visa, and long-term visa. Each one has limitations on visa validity, the period you can stay as well as the requirements needed to gain each type of visa. Visa validity means the period in which the visa will be valid for and depends on the type of visa obtained.

The transit visa can be single-entry, two-entry and multi-entry, but you cannot stay longer than five days during each transit. For short-term visa, there is also the option of number of entries but here, you can stay for a period not exceeding three months (90 days) within a period of six months (180 days).

However, it can be flexible depending on the period stated in the documents serving as a basis for issuing the visa. The third type is the long-term visa which is issued to people who wish to stay in Ukraine and obtain a residency permit. The period is longest and depends on your purpose of visit and the period stated in the document provided for getting the visa.

Now, we can move on to the steps to be taken during visa application. They are divided into five steps. Namely:

  1. Preparation
  2. Filling and submitting the visa application form
  3. Payment of fees
  4. Interview
  5. After the application

Step 1: Preparation and arrangements

The first thing you need to do after doing is to visit the visa application website and click on the “Know your visa type” link to understand the requirements and other information regarding the visa application form, feel etc. Here is a list of things which will most likely be needed for your visa application.

  • Valid international passport (period of validity may differ).
  • Visa application form.
  • Receipt of the visa fee payment.
  • Recent passport photograph (confirm size and number but have extra).
  • Original acceptance or invitation letter into a Ukrainian university.
  • Original and recent medical certificate (not later than a month) approved by the ministry of health of Nigeria.
  • Other medical forms like HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis screening results, also approved by the ministry of health of Nigeria and within a one month period.
  • Sponsor’s valid ID.
  • Sponsorship letter in the form of a court affidavit which should contain his or her name, signature, contact details, and the name of the person who is being sponsored.
  • Bank statement, from either you or your sponsor, to prove that you have more than enough to take care of all academic and living costs. The minimum amount differs so you need to start saving up early. Also, keep the amount steady for at least three months before applying for the Visa.
  • Travel or health insurance.
  • Two-way tickets from Nigeria to Ukraine.

So prepare all the documents, do all the tests and have all the requirements (including the money in the bank) ready first before moving on to the next stage of the application.

Step 2: Filling and submitting the visa application form.

After all the research and preparation, you can then start your application. You can do this online or in person. Sometimes, you have to do both because of the interview. Still, what you do in this step is to fill the visa application form – make sure you are applying for the right type of visa – which will ask you for details like name, death of birth, sex, passport number, etc. While doing this, be sure to double-check all details as the slightest mistake with names, dates or numbers will definitely cause you problems in the future.

You can only click the “submit” button when you are absolutely certain that everything is in order. After you click the button, you can then print the form. You will also have to submit some documents (mostly original copies) as well as your passport photo, invitation letter and international passport. If you choose to apply online, you can send the documents through a courier service but some would prefer to submit everything on their own. You may also be required to translate these documents but, not to worry, you can do this at the embassy for about $50 to $90.

Please note that Minors (applicants under the age of 18) will not be able to submit or collect their applications without their parents or legal tutors.

Step 3: Payment of fees

You need to pay cash at the bank. The steps and instructions for the payment are very simple and will be given by the submission officer. You will need to submit the receipt as well so be sure to keep it safe. You will be required to pay more than the visa fee but also some other charges by the embassy/ consulate or courier like the service fee, processing fee, courier service fee, translation fee etc. The visa fee is $180 which is approximately 65, 160 naira (N65,160) at the time when this article was being written. The service or processing fee for a student visa ranges from $30 to $100 depending on the speed you want your visa to be processed. It normally takes ten (10) days or longer but could be shorter (for a price). Please note that the fees are not refundable even if you are not issued the visa.

Step 4: Interview

You may be required to undergo an interview for the visa. Not to worry, the questions are simple and are generally focused on details about what you plan to do while you are in Ukraine. Here are some questions that may be asked during the interview.

  • Why do you need a visa?
  • Why Ukraine?
  • What is your purpose your visit to Ukraine?
  • Where and what are you going to study?
  • How long will your study last?
  • Do you have any family in Ukraine?
  • Do you have all the necessary documents?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Can you afford to live and study in Ukraine?
  • Do you have a sponsor?
  • During your study, do you plan to work as well?
  • How long do you plan to stay after graduation?

Step 5: After the application

After all the visa application, you can choose to collect your international passport and other submitted documents through courier. To do this, you will be called by the embassy or consulate on the details of transportation. Please note that if you are going to collect the documents by yourself, you will need to take your collection slip along. It may contain a copy of your signed passport, payment receipts and an invoice/receipt which will be attached to the passport.

You will also be kept updated on your application status and be notified of the final decision. In the case whereby you are not granted a visa, the reason will be provided and you can appeal this decision by working toward fixing whatever they said is the reason why you weren’t granted the visa.

According to the Ukrainian embassy, you should address each refusal reason in your appeal. You should supply clear and relevant evidence in your appeal that will address any deficiencies in your initial application. Any further information or documentation that you wish to have taken into account should also be included with your appeal letter.

On receipt of your appeal, the Head of diplomatic post will review the application, taking account of any additional information or documentation that you have supplied. Provision of additional material does not guarantee approval of the application on appeal.

On examination and review, the original decision may be reversed. If the Head of diplomatic post does not alter the decision you will be notified in writing. This appeal period could take a while. However, if you are issued the visa (which I pray you are) you can proceed to collect it. Remember that minors cannot collect the documents with parents or guardian’s present.

After you have done all this, you are cleared to travel to Ukraine and continue the enrollment process into the university that accepted you and sent you the invitation letter. You will also be asked to do something in the Ukrainian airport i.e., get your immigration card which will then help you get the residency permit and maybe your work permit if you want to work and study in Ukraine.

Ensure that you notify the school or your study in Ukraine partner or consultants well beforehand so that they can arrange your pick up because if you don’t you won’t be able to leave the airport, you will be deported and won’t be allowed back for at least a month. Therefore, do all the necessary and carry all the documents as well. You don’t want to get so far and let a single mistake lay waste to everything you had done before then.

I wish you much luck in all your application and with all your studies. Enjoy Ukraine.

Tips for Visa application

  • Do complete research on the visa application process and the documents needed as well as other fees and procedures. It is best if you visit the website for application.
  • Start your visa application at least a month earlier the day you will be required to resume school.
  • Ensure that the documents are legitimate and have the necessary approval from the government.
  • You may be required to provide more documents or photocopies of documents so hold extra copies and find out about the other documents.
  • You can start your online application even before you have all the documents if you are short on time.
  • Prepare for the visa interview and know all the dos and don’ts of the things you are allowed to do with your visa.
  • Translate all necessary documents if required.
  • You can speed up the visa processing for a price, you can also use a certified consultant who will help you with your Ukrainian visa application.
  • If you are refused a visa, you should fix the problem and appeal the decision as quickly as possible.
  • When granted the visa, scan or make copies of all documents and keep them safe.
  • Check if you’re required to update the university of your visa status and do the needed.
  • It doesn’t hurt to verify the fees and other requirements

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