Aug 23, 2019

Do you want to major in architecture?

Ukraine is the world’s 32nd largest country in the world and it is populated by up to 40 million people. It is located in Eastern Europe is dominated by people of the religion of the Orthodox Catholic Church and the Greek Catholics. Ukraine is a highly traditional country, rich in culture, and has managed to maintain this attitude for many years. From the weaving and embroidery up to its buildings, it is evident.

In Europe, Ukraine has made quite a big stamp on the continent and made a mark in the world by etching its rich history in culture and art into its buildings and structures. We can tell this by taking a brief look at all the old buildings that have still been maintained since the paleotholic era, and have even refined, and renovated, to fit into the modern world today. An example of these renovations would include the Maidan Nezalezhnosti, which is the central area of Kyiv. It was where the city council resided and has seen the emergence of numerous rallies, as well as killings and deaths. Now, the Maidan Nezalezhnostihas has seen a major transformation in which an underground space has been created for plazas and shopping complexes to fit in.

The country’s capital, Kyiv, is just as equally outstanding as its former and is a tourist attraction site to all those who desire to become top-notch architecture and constructors. This is evident in the various monumental sites such as the 7 wonders of Ukraine.

Besides being the capital of Ukraine, it is also the most populated metropolitan city in the country, accommodating over 3 million citizens, and as well, is situated in the north-central region. Kyiv is known to be home to a large number of diverse architectural and structural styles applied to its churches and cathedrals, and even to its mansions and theatres, and so on. Even its universities are not exempted from this great architectural culture, which goes to show that Ukraine is where you would want to shape and build your future around diversity and richness.

One of these said universities is known as the Kyiv national university of construction and architecture. It was established in 1930, and it was formerly known as the Kyiv Civil Engineering Institute, up until 1999 when its name was formally changed to what it is now.

It is the biggest, as well as leading and forerunner institution in the whole of Ukraine. It is a major contributor to the world of Ukraine architecture for playing a major and prominent role of training and producing top-notch architecture and construction professionals and experts. It was founded in 1930 and accommodates up to 10,000 students, studying under 6 major faculties; Automation and information technologies department, Architectural faculty, Construction faculty, Construction technological department, Sanitary-Engineering department, and finally, Geoinformation systems and territory management technologies.

This Kyiv national university is also home to the top educational department in construction, which is the foreign relations department that has tasked itself with the job of passing down the knowledge of combining many different traditions as old as 50 years and above. This knowledge, alongside extensive research and critical planning, is what has given birth to the various intriguing structures that can be sighted around the city, and the country, as well. This same knowledge was also gotten from the training of thousands of students from the numerous countries all around on the earth, since 1948, by its more than certified and qualified educative team of Doctors, Professors and expert teachers in the sciences. This habit is what has earned the university its good reputation today.

However, the university did not isolate itself from other countries. It has teamed up with other countries and this relationship has contributed to the university’s advantage by aiding it with new research labs and institutes into its campus inventory.

The university is also the home to another peculiar department, which is known as the preparatory department where all those who wish to study in Ukraine, but do not happen to speak the country’s official language, Ukrainian, or even Russian, can be groomed and taught well, especially on other basic subjects, for the course of one year, after which they are then deemed ready to upgrade to a degree program.

The undergraduate degree program runs for about 4 years, after which graduation is possible, while the master’s degree program lasts for only 2 years. After graduating from the masters and undergraduate programs, students can then be awarded qualification titles such as Master of Science, or Bachelor.

The postgraduate degree programs, however, last for a number of 3 years. After the postgraduate programs, the students can still decide to further their training in architecture under the special supervision and tutelage of advisers.

Studying in the Kiev national university of construction and architecture is not always “business” as usual, as there are a wide range of recreational facilities intended to help students, especially foreign students, to relax and adapt to the environment and settle in comfortably, such as sports complexes, educational rehabilitation camps and programs, and food cafeterias. It also has a library hall that houses over 1 million books to read and study, and well-equipped computer labs to carry out researches or projects in.

A place to lay your head on is no problem at all as hostel accommodations are also provided for students, especially foreigners with no other place to reside in the city, or who are first-timers and do not know their way about yet.

Having taken a look at the various remarkable accomplishments, and the wonderful establishment of the Kyiv national university of construction and architecture in the country, from its wide range of educational services and their impact to the promotion of artistic independence among its students, it is, without a doubt very fitting, and safe to say and conclude that Ukraine is one place your future needs to build a home in.

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